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Mother Day Gifts

Three-layer Without Base Rose | Infinite Flowers

Three-layer Without Base Rose | Infinite Flowers

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Experience everlasting beauty with our Three-layer Without Base Rose from Infinite Flowers. Delicately crafted to capture the essence of nature's elegance, this exquisite piece adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Each layer of the infinite rose petals is intricately handcrafted to perfection, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Whether adorning your home or gifting to a loved one, this timeless treasure is sure to evoke admiration and appreciation.

Illuminate any room with the grace and charm of the Three-layer Without Base Rose. Whether displayed as a standalone centerpiece or incorporated into a floral arrangement, its timeless allure captivates the senses and transforms any space into a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility.

What’s Included?

  • One Three-layer Without Base Rose
  • Exquisite packaging for safe transport and elegant presentation

About Mother's Day Gift Website:

Mother's Day Gift is your premier destination for timeless floral creations and exquisite gifts for every occasion. Our Mother's Day collection is curated to celebrate the unparalleled bond between a mother and her child, offering a selection of stunning arrangements and unique keepsakes that convey love, gratitude, and appreciation.

Experience the art of gifting with Infinite Flowers and make every occasion unforgettable.

Product Care:

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods to preserve color and integrity.
  • Dust gently with a soft brush or cloth to maintain the rose's pristine appearance.
  • Keep away from moisture and humidity to prevent damage.
  • Handle with care to avoid bending or breakage of delicate petals.
  • Store in a cool, dry place when not in use to prolong its beauty and lifespan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Richie Bechtelar

The flowers are super soft, look and feel like natural flowers, the smell is super rich, like natural pink. Well protected, I liked them very much and without a doubt I would ask again.

Kattie Jacobi

They are very nice and the size is fine

Carlo Shields

They are very nice and the size is fine

Archibald Kuhn

They are very nice and the size is fine

Margret Brekke

Beautiful roses, do not look like soapy, rose scent

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